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Imagine dance & barre studio's mission is to offer a service of excellence in the education of the art of classical dance. As well as promoting healthy movement with barre classes through effective training, giving greater focus to strengthening our body to achieve a better quality of life. Be part of our community in the city of La Paz BCS

Hello, my name is Ana Laura, founder and director of Imagine Dance & Barre Studio. I am very excited to share and imagine goals and dreams to make them come true together.

I am proudly Southern Californian and since I was little I imagined that dance was part of my life.

I studied a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Dance Teaching at the Higher School of Music and Dance of Monterrey, and discovered how wonderful it is to create magic and dreams in a room surrounded by bars and mirrors and encourage students to achieve everything they can. imagine.

My desire to continue learning has led me to obtain certifications such as Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) and Barre. I have learned that both dancers and anyone need to have a strong body ready to move every day. That training doesn't have to be boring, or be a punishment. If not a way to honor our body, to connect with it and fill ourselves with energy and confidence.

I have committed to creating and sharing a safe and fun space where, more than achieving a “perfect body,” the importance lies in improving our quality of life through healthy movement.

Join me to continue imagining, and together make our dreams come true!